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Psychotherapy — Hakomi — Somatic Counseling

Hakomi Therapy

Hakomi is a Hopi term that means: “where do you stand, in relation to your world”?

With over 20 years of expertise and international recognition, Hakomi Therapy continues to be a leader in body-centered and mindfulness based therapy.

With Hakomi Therapy you can expect to:photo

  • Gain greater self-understanding
  • Explore core level healing
  • Increase confidence and gain inner strength
  • Enhance self and relational awareness
  • Find resolve through trauma and wounding
  • Discover safety and explore freedom of expression
  • Learn to make choices that are nourishing and satisfying

Transformational Counseling

photoTalk therapy & experiential assignments to clarify your goals and actualize their manifestation.

  • Get focused
  • Reclaim personal power
  • Re-direct and inspire primary relationships
  • Create family structures for healing
  • Let your creativity flow
  • Rework patterns of limitation and learn to manage fears
  • Gain peace through mindful processing and meditative experience

Sand Tray Therapy

photo Sand tray therapy is a therapeutic exploration that invokes conscious change and subconscious healing. A kinesthetic process, running ones hands through the sand has a centering effect that naturally opens one to deeper states of awareness and self observation. The placement of sand tray miniatures allows one to look presently, at past wounds, current troubles or confused states of mind more objectively. Sand tray therapy lends support and guidance while revealing and reworking subconscious material in a gentle, healing manner.

To look upon one’s world through the placement of symbolic miniatures allows the mind to shift and emotions to be expressed easily. Often traumatic experience or other problems creates a mindset of limitation and isolation. Through sand tray therapy one’s inner experience is displayed physically with objects which the client can see and interact with directly. This therapy encourages emotional expression and promotes cognitive understanding within ones psyche through exploration of the symbolic imagery displayed in the tray.

In my experience, each sand-tray creation reveals inherent order, lends support and balance in view of current or historical dilemmas, questions, traumas or wounds. This tangible therapeutic tool provides safety and containment within the trays borders while a shared witness occurs within the therapeutic exchange between client and therapist. (A healing therapy for either children or adults.)

Death, Loss, Grief and Dying

Receive support for honoring personal experiences of loss, death and grieving of pets, people or relationships. I also offer personalized assistance for support of the dying.

Buddhist prayers and assistance for honoring the process of death.

Phowa Practice: I am trained in this traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of releasing the consciousness at the time of death. I have helped others with death and the dying process with this practice since 2000 and was initially trained in 1989.